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23 Results
Haro ZX20
Haro ZX20 - 2015

Whether it's a transition rig to a full-sized bike, or the beginning of a life-long love affair with BMX, Haro's ZX20 is equipped for the ride. The sturdy steel frame and fork feature a full-size 20.3-inch top tube, short chainstays, and the freestyle geometry that has defined Haro since their… [more]

Haro Downtown - 18.5-Inch
Haro Downtown - 18.5-Inch - 2015

Haro's Downtown is a great-handling machine for the first-time and/or smaller BMX rider. It features a strong high-tensile steel frame and fork, and 7.0-inch rise handlebar. With an 18.5-inch top tube length, little rippers can get on 20-inch wheels wrapped in quality Kenda tires. Powering those… [more]

Haro Downtown - 20.3-Inch
Haro Downtown - 20.3-Inch - 2015

Haro's Downtown is the perfect entry in the BMX world. It features a strong high-tensile steel frame with 20.3-inch top tube and a steel fork, not to mention a 8.25-inch rise handlebar. The stout chromoly 3-piece crank comes with 25/9 gearing for plenty of speed going into the set. All that speed… [more]

MirraCo Wedge 16
MirraCo Wedge 16 - 2014

Step up your little rippter to MirraCo' Wedge. Its frame features chromoly top and down tubes for a lighter, stronger ride. The low-profile 25/9 microdrive gearing and rock-solid Vise 3-piece chromoly cranks quickly pedal you up to speed. Plus, the tough aluminum wheels stand up to hard landings… [more]

Haro Downtown 16
Haro Downtown 16 - 2015

Looking for a bike that might teach your little ripper to ride better than you? Check out Haro's Downtown 16. Haro packed all the freestyle fun of their larger bikes into this tough steel frame and prepared it to roll with the punches on 16-inch rims. While small in stature, the Downtown's geometry… [more]

Haro Downtown 18
Haro Downtown 18 - 2015

For smaller rippers, Haro's Downtown 18 is the perfect step between their kids bike and a full-sized BMX rig. Haro packed all the freestyle fun of their larger bikes into this reliable steel frame and prepared it to roll with the learning curve on 18-inch rims. While small in stature, the… [more]

Haro Downtown DLX - 18.5-Inch
Haro Downtown DLX - 18.5-Inch - 2015

Learning some techy tricks starts with throwing a leg over Haro's Downtown DLX. The Downtown series features a strong high-tensile steel frame and fork and 7.5-inch rise handlebar. With an 18.5-inch top-tube length, little rippers can get into BMX action with full-size 20-inch wheels. Stout… [more]

Haro Downtown DLX - 20.3-Inch
Haro Downtown DLX - 20.3-Inch - 2015

Up your BMX bag of tricks with Haro's Downtown DLX. The Downtown series features a strong high-tensile steel frame and fork and 8.25-inch rise handlebar. It is offered in a 20.3-inch frame for a comfortable fit. The stout chromoly 3-piece crank power a high-clearance 25/9 gearing and the smooth… [more]

Norco Brigade
Norco Brigade - 2013
Product Rating
5.0 stars
 (1 Review)

Get a foot into the field of BMX with Norco's Brigade. It boasts a fine Norco steel frame and fork to withstand session after session of smooth and not-so-smooth runs. For wheels, there are stout Norco rims wrapped with Kenda tires that grip hard on all surfaces. You also get a Tektro brake to… [more]

MirraCo Curto Frame
MirraCo Curto Frame - 2013

If you're a Completely, Unbelievably, Remarkably, Talented, Overachiever, you'd better have the frame to match - MirraCo's Curto. This rad rig has double-butted Sanko chromoly tubing for a responsive, tough-as-nails ride. A 75-degree head tube angle gives tight handling, and the super-short… [more]

MirraCo EDit
MirraCo EDit - 2012
Product Rating
5.0 stars
 (51 Reviews)

The entire line of Street bikes from MirraCo are inspired and influenced by the daily life and riding of Nigel Sylvester. Straight out of Queens, New York, the EDit has two tubes of chromoly in the frame and tapered cromo fork legs. Its 25/9 gearing is spun with tubular-chromoly 3-piece cranks and… [more]

Haro Boulevard
Haro Boulevard - 2015

Want to ride park, street, and trails? Haro's Boulevard can ride it all. The Boulevard series starts with a strong steel frame and fork that will hold up to practically all the hard hits from your tricks. 3-piece chromoly cranks power a compact 25/9 drivetrain which turn grippy Haro La Mesa tires.… [more]

Norco Ares
Norco Ares - 2015

See the streets in a whole new light with Norco's Ares. It's steel frame and tapered fork gives you the durability you need for serious progression. It's also equipped with 3-piece tubular-chromoly cranks, a Mid bottom bracket and a micro drivetrain, keeping things light and the cope-avoiding… [more]

MirraCo C-Low
MirraCo C-Low - 2014

MirraCo’s C-Low is the platform to launch a new level of progression. It features a 2-tube chromoly frame, tapered chromoly fork and the unrelenting double-wall Vise/Black Label rims and sealed-bearing hubs. Crank it up to speed with the stout three-piece chromoly cranks and the 25/9 microdrive.… [more]

Norco Volt 21
Norco Volt 21 - 2012

Norco's Volt will have you flying in no time. This sweet machine is made from steel with a chromoly down tube and features 3-piece tubular chromoly cranks for hitting the big stuff. The Alienation rims are wrapped with Kenda tires for good grip on all surfaces. Plus, the bar is nice and wide for… [more]


The Strutter is the premium model in the 2014 Encore range of complete bikes. Upgrades for 2014 include taper leg forks, high-rise topload stem, aftermarket quality 9T rear cassette, and Odyssey Twisted aftermarket pedals. With tall 8.5” bars, 3 killer color options, and pro-level geometry you are… [more]

MirraCo Detroit
MirraCo Detroit - 2013
Product Rating
4.5 stars
 (8 Reviews)

With a 21-inch top tube and fully legit specs, MirraCo's Detroit is perfect for bigger riders or those who like a little extra room to move around. This stable ride rocks a 2-tube chromoly frame and a full chromoly fork with tapered legs for substantial weight savings and awesome strength to nail… [more]

Haro Midway
Haro Midway - 2015
$500.00 - $556.00

Haro's Midway is built for up-and-coming riders to polish their skills. A chromoly main triangle, internal headset, and Mid bottom bracket puts this frame in the league with the big boys. The handlebar is sized with the frame, so the 20.5-inch top tube gets an 8.25-inch bar and the 21-incher gets… [more]

MirraCo Bronson
MirraCo Bronson - 2012
Product Rating
4.0 stars
 (3 Reviews)

From the fist on the head tube, to the removable brakes and hardware, MirraCo's Bronson does its namesake proud. Everything is built tough from the full-chromoly forks and bars, to the sealed hubs, this bike is most likely tougher than you are. Three-piece cromo cranks churn out the power to the… [more]

MirraCo Tallin
MirraCo Tallin - 2014
Product Rating
4.5 stars
 (2 Reviews)

Spins, whips, and grinds are all on the agenda for MirraCo’s Tallin. Chromoly abounds in this park player, including a full chromoly frame and fork, so you can thrash all day knowing your rig can’t wait for more. A Vise single-wall rim up front cuts weight, while a burly Black Label double-wall rim… [more]

Norco Deviant 21
Norco Deviant 21 - 2012

Take to the air and turn heads with Norco's Deviant. This sweet dirt machine's frame is made from 100% chromoly and has an integrated head tube for extra strength. And, if brakeless is your style, the brake bosses and cable guides are removable. Three-piece tubular cromo cranks, a Mid bottom… [more]

Haro Plaza
Haro Plaza - 2015

Haro's Plaza is what you get when Haro's 30+ years of experience builds up an aftermarket-quality bike. Built around Haro's chromoly frame and tapered-leg fork, the spec list just goes up from there. The Haro double-walled rims are sturdy, spin on sealed hubs front and back, and are encased in fat… [more]

MirraCo Volcon
MirraCo Volcon - 2013
Product Rating
5.0 stars
 (1 Review)

MirraCo’s Volcon is the result of MirraCo team riders collaborating on their ideal setup to make a dream bike for you. Its full chromoly frame and tapered fork give you a lightweight, super-tough platform ready for long days at the trails and park. The rugged double-wall aluminum wheels anxiously… [more]

23 Results

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